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Bin Scrub solves a problem that all commercial properties have in common - unsanitary and rancid garbage collection areas.  The foul odors are off-putting, and also attract pests such as flying insects and rodents.  Its no secret that organic waste causes these conditions, and Bin Scrub has a solution that will improve the conditions by eliminating foul odors that your tenants find disturbing, and attract unwanted pests to the area.  


Our specially built trucks visit your site and use an eco-friendly process to kill odor causing germs on, inside and around your dumpsters, compactor bins, garbage rooms and other solid waste containers.  We use extremely hot high pressure water to steam clean and strip the grime out of the containers and into the waste collection hopper on the trucks to be taken offsite for proper processing.  After cleaning is complete, the container is treated with a mild biodegradable odor neutralizer to keep them fresh.  Additionally, Bin Scrub power washes the floors of the garbage room, or dumpster pad to clean up the leaks and residual odor causing debris stuck under the dumpsters. 


Bin Scrub’s affordable onsite service will coordinate with your schedule to seamlessly fit into your property’s maintenance routine.  Let us do the dirty work, help improve your property and keep your tenants happy!  

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