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Join the

Bin Scrub Team!

Bin Scrub introduced a new industry to the Indianapoils metro area in Spring of 2020.  Our company utilizes specially made trucks to clean, sanitize and deodorize residential garbage and recycling waste containers.  We are a rapidly growing business with a limitless opportunity to serve our community in a new and exciting way.  


Bin Scrub offers a great team environment and is looking for people that are energetic, self motivated, independent, reliable hard workers.  Our crew prides themselves on their toughness, enjoys working outside and doesn't mind getting their hands a little dirty.  Customer service and satisfaction are our #1 priorities!  


Job Perks

  • Starting Salary:  $45,000/year with Annual Raises

  • Quarterly Accountability Bonuses

  • Monthly Performance Bonuses

  • Benefits Available (Health Insurance covered by Bin Scrub after 90 days, Vision/Dental, 401k Plan)

  • All Major Holidays OFF (New Years Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Christmas with extra days off around Thanksgiving & Christmas)

  • 5 days of PTO, up to 2 more each year of employment 

  • Consistent Schedule and Hours Every Week

  • Great Team Atmosphere!  

Job Requirements

  • 35-45 hrs/week

  • Work Week is Tuesday through Saturday (must be available to work all Saturdays, and occasionally Sundays - only a couple times a year)

  • Daily Hours are 7am Start - Approximately 3:30pm

Job Description

Bin Scrub is looking for team members that are energetic, self-motivated, independent, and reliable hard workers. Our crew prides themselves on their toughness, enjoys working outside and doesn't mind getting their hands a little dirty. Customer service and satisfaction are our #1 priorities! Although our crew works individually in their own truck, we operate as a team to tackle all of our clients' cleaning visits for the day.  

The field technician position involves arriving at the Bin Scrub office (NW Indy) by 7am in the morning and prepping the truck for the day.  Once ready, the technician will drive the truck along the day’s preplanned route to clients' homes to perform the cleaning process on their garbage and recycling bins.  The technician will be utilizing an iPad for routing/directions, and invoicing.  After all techs finish the day’s route as a team, the technicians bring the trucks back to the shop for cleaning and dumping of the waste.  The truck will be prepped for the next day’s route.  


The tech position is a multifaceted role that includes driving a route with several stops to get out and clean the garbage and recycle bins. This requires some light physical labor (moving/handling/cleaning and drying of garbage bins), and the use of power washing equipment. Some manual cleaning is required, but the truck/power washer performs most of the heavy cleaning and lifting. Technicians are expected to help with truck maintenance that will include keeping the trucks clean and washed, changing vehicle fluids, and helping transport vehicles in for scheduled service. Must have some ability to understand the basic mechanical workings of the vehicle and associated plumbing. The job may also require distribution of Bin Scrub marketing materials to potential clients’ homes.

Must be willing to work outside in all conditions year round. Gear will be supplied to handle the elements. There are circumstances when Bin Scrub will not be able to operate below certain temperatures. The tech will utilize these periods of time to perform truck maintenance, shop/vehicle cleaning, and other tasks within the office/warehouse.  


Communication is key to our success, and honesty/transparency is required! Being a self-starter and motivated to complete the jobs to our high standards is paramount to your success and ours. Our Team must all always represent the Bin Scrub brand in the right way!

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