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You've got questions?

We've got answers!

  • Why would I clean something I put garbage in?
    Umm... well, the short answer is that they usually smell nasty. And germs don't discriminate - they are everywhere and they think the sludge in dirty bins is the perfect place to multiply. Our high pressure hot water is the perfect eco-friendly weapon to scrub out the sludge, kill germs and help protect your home. And if you have tried doing it yourself, you know it's a disgusting job. And then the wastewater... do you really want to dump that in your lawn or driveway?? Just let the pros handle it - trust us, it'll be WAY easier!! And more affordable than you think.
  • How do you get the gunk and funk out of my bins?
    Wait til you see our specially made trucks! They use extremely hot high pressure water to blast, steam clean and sanitize the inside of your garbage bin until it is thoroughly SCRUBBED! Then we use a mild biodegradable odor neutralizer to make sure your bins stay fresh until the next service. No harsh chemicals at all for the cleaning process, and we collect and remove the wastewater to be processed in an environmentally safe way. Trash can cleaning doesn't have to be hard, let us do the dirty work. Check out the video down below to see the trucks up close!
  • What areas do you serve right now?
    Soon we will be able to say everywhere, but for now our fleet is focused on the North & West Side of Indy and the surrounding suburbs including Carmel, Zionsville, Westfield, Fishers, Noblesville, Geist Area, Brownsburg, Avon & Whitestown. We are expanding our fleet soon to better serve all of Indianapolis!
  • Is this a subscription service? Am I locked in?
    We like to think of Bin Scrub as a utility - kind of like your trash service. You continue to make trash, trash smells awful, and bins will stay much cleaner and fresher with regular service. We offer Monthly and Quarterly subscription options. Not to worry... you can adjust the service interval, pause service, reschedule, or stop at any time. But really, you might want to think twice about going back to those nasty smelly bins...
  • How often should Bin Scrub clean my bins?
    We offer several different options to keep your bin scrubbed year round, and even a one time cleaning for those that just want to try us out. - Monthly (Every 4 Weeks) - Quarterly (Every 12 Weeks) - One Time Cleanings We think that these plans give you the options that you desire, and you can always adjust your subsciption as needed.
  • When will you come to clean my bins?
    We will schedule your bins to be serviced the day AFTER your garbage has been picked up. We know that sometimes the garbage collection companies like to surprise us and change up their routes/pick up times, so to ensure that your bins are empty and we can clean them properly, we will come the following day. Our routes start early (7am) and finish by mid/late afternoon. We'd ask kindly that you refrain from putting trash in your bins, but if you absolutely need to, please bag it so we can easily remove it to clean, and we will put it in a new clean heavy duty bag to replace into the clean bin. Occassionally, we may try to come on the afternoon of your actual trash pick up day. This is not common, but we may do it to optimize some routing efficiencies. If we arrive before trash has been picked up, we may bag up the trash in a new clean heavy duty bag, clean the bins, then re-insert the bags for pick up. Or we may end up rescheduling for the next day as orginally planned. We make our best effort to notify and inform you of these situations.
  • How do I sign up?
    Super simple, click any of the links on our page that say "Sign Up Now!" and then fill out the form. We will contact you within 24 hrs for payment information to keep on file. Once we have your payment information on file, we will get you scheduled and send you a notification for your first service. You will only be charged after service has been completed, and you will get a receipt via email after each service. You will receive email/text reminders leading up to your all upcoming service visits.
  • How do I pay for this?
    After signing up, we will send an email/text to request that you store your payment info securely in our client payment portal, and enable the feature to allow future billing. After each cleaning visit, we will charge your card on file and send you a receipt via email. That way you aren't worried about paying yet another bill - just set it and forget it. And you can change/update payment information at any time - you are in control. And we'll always send service reminders leading up to your next scheduled cleaning!
  • Do I need to keep payment info on file?
    Yes, you will need to enter your payment information into our secure payment portal. You will have to select the option to allow Bin Scrub to charge in the future. Once that has been done, we will get you set up on the schedule and notify you of your first cleaning. The reason we require payment info on file before service is that we are a small company. We do not currently have the bandwith to send invoices, and wait for or track down manual payment. We appreciate your understanding, because this helps us manage payment collection and keep costs down for our clients.
  • Who are you guys?
    We are a rapidly growing local Indianapolis based business, and our leadership team is comprised of Ryan Diem and Tyler Taulbee. We are serial entrepreneurs with a crazy work ethic and a mild case of OCD. We've known each other 15 years and are ready to help Hoosiers clean out the dirtiest part of their homes - their garbage cans! Oh yeah, and Ryan won a Super Bowl in his former life... Go Colts!
  • Do you use hazardous chemicals?
    Nope. Our cleaning trucks only use hot water and high pressure to clean and sanitize. We use an environmentally friendly biodegradable odor neutralizer, and occasionally (often for first time can cleaning) we may also use a biodegradable degreaser to loosen things up. And all of the wastewater from this process is collected on the truck, and taken with us to be processed properly. The only thing left behind are clean, freshly sanitized bins!
  • How soon can you get here?
    We will make every effort to get to your bins ASAP! Our routes are established to optimize efficiency and minimize multiple trips into the same neighborhood on consecutive weeks. We always schedule our clients for the day after their normal trash/recycle pick up day to ensure empty bins for cleaning. Our sophisticated route planning software allows us to efficiently plan the fastest route possible.
  • How will I know that Bin Scrub is coming?
    Once you've signed up, and we have your payment info on file, we will schedule you as soon as possible and notify you of the first service date. Leading up to your cleaning visits, you will receive a text/email reminder 5 days before service, 1 day before service, and the morning of service to leave your bins outside for us!
  • What if I need to reshedule a service?
    Not a problem, things happen, vacations, etc. We kindly ask that you let us know in advance. That is very simple to do with the advanced notifications that we send out via email/text. They include a link to notify us that you need to reschedule! Please keep in mind, that we may not be able to put you back on to the schedule for 4 weeks, as our routes typically dictate the timeframe. But, you are only charged after service has been completed. If you alert us in advance, there will be no charge to be rescheduled. If communication has not been made in advance by the client, the client may be subject to a rescheduling fee if we show up to the house and no bins are available to be cleaned.
  • How will I know that I've Bin Scrubbed??
    Your bins will look and smell great! No more plugging your nose when your open the lid as quickly as possible to drop stuff in. They will have been professionally cleaned, sanitized and deodorized. And you will always receive a receipt via email after each service.
  • Will my bins be spotless?
    Customer satification is our #1 priority. We will make every effort to get your bins as clean as possible! We want them all to look brand new, but the reality is that most garbage bins have been heavily abused for many years. We will use several different techniques to remove stubborn stains and gunk, but sometimes it takes multiple treatments to get everything off the inside. This is another reason we recommend our subscription plans. Your bins will continue to get better and better with each treatment. All that said, if you are not happy with the result, then we are not happy. Please reach out if you have any questions, comments or concerns, and we will do what it takes to make it right for you!
  • Do you offer a prepay option?
    In the past, we offered pre-pay packages. Currently, we are transitioning our pre-pay customers to "pay as you go". In some special circumstances, we may offer a future pre-pay arrangement for existing clients. Also, some of our special offers, give back program plans, and discounts may apply to limited time offer pre-pay packages. These are special programs designed for this purpose only. We find that spreading out the payments over the course of service, is beneficial to both parties. Thank you in advance for understanding!
  • Can I get a discount?
    Stay tuned to our Social Media channels on Facebook and Instagram - we offer up discount codes regularily! Or any of our subscribers can tell their friends, neighbors, family to sign up and use your name as a referral. You will earn a FREE cleaning for every new subscriber! Pro tip: This is UNLIMITED! So tell everyone, use social media to blast it out!
  • Wait, did you say something about FREE cleaning for a referral?"
    Sure did. Any time one of your friends or neighbors signs up as a new subscription client, they will have a chance to enter your name as an existing client referral. Once the new client begins service and becomes a paying customer, you will get your next cleaning visit for FREE! And that includes ALL of your bins that are normally serviced. You will not be charged for the visit, and if you have paid in advance your credit will simply be carried forward. And guess what... it's UNLIMITED! That's right, tell your friends! You might not have to pay for your bins to be scrubbed at all! HINT: Social media is a great way to spread the word! (one time cleanings are not eligible, for subscribers only, promos do not apply)
  • Does Bin Scrub support charities?
    YES! We love giving back to our community! Please check out our Give Back Program on our website, and reach out with any quesitons!
  • How will you protect my information if I sign up?
    Your personal information is kept strictly confidential and will never be shared with anyone. Ever. Your payment infomation is not kept in our internal system, it is securely stored with industry leadering payment processer Stripe. Your secure client portal is where you will log in to update/change payment method.
  • Does Bin Scrub work year round? What about bad or cold weather?
    Absolutely! As long as mother nature plays nicely we will clean your bins year round. The Winter season can be challenging and we want to be upfront that our trucks will not operate properly in a polar vortex. If for some unforseen reason we are not able to service your bins, we will make every attempt to reschedule your service. If we can't get it done in a timely fashion, no need to worry, you are only charged after you have been serviced. Take a look at our Winter Weather Policy: Safety is our first priority, and we will take the necessary steps to protect our customers, our employees, and our equipment. At times that will include cancelling appointments due to inclement weather conditions. We will do our best to reschedule you ASAP, but sometimes that may not be possible, and you may have to wait until your next scheduled cleaning visit if you are a subscription client. At times we may not be able to clean the exterior of the bin due to excess water overspray. We will still clean the dirtiest part, the inside, and collect that wastewater on our truck. If your appointment has to be cancelled or rescheduled, please remember that our company policy is that you will not be charged unless service has been completed. In the event of a cancellation or reschedule due to weather, you will be notified via email. Thanks in advance for your understanding during the unpredictable winter season.
  • Gosh, are you guys always so fair, and positive?"
    Stop, you're making us blush... We're just Midwestern folks that care about our clients and want to serve them and their families well. We like to keep things simple, be transparent, and get the funk, gunk and junk out of your bins! Please tell us if we ever fall short and we'll make it right. That's a promise. Clean. Sanitize. Deodorize. Have you Bin Scrubbed? #binscrubbed We make garbage bin cleaning easy. We Do The DIRTY Work!
  • Did Ryan really win a Super Bowl?
    Yep. And if you're still reading at this point, then you get to see a pretty cool pic from Super Bowl XLI... Enjoy! Go Colts! P.S. If you catch him around town, he'd probably sign something for ya!

Let Ryan show you how the truck works!

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