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Memo on Updated Policies and Pricing


First and foremost, we are ecstatic with the response that we have received from you, our clients over the past 2 years. Our business exists to serve you and your family, and to eliminate an undesirable chore to make your life easier. We love seeing your Facebook and Google reviews, and hearing about the referrals from new clients that sign up because you are enjoying the service. Thank you!

We feel is it our responsibility to communicate clearly and transparently with regard to policy and pricing changes. Our goal is to continue to improve our service in every aspect, be it communication, quality of service, or logistics. These changes will ultimately allow us to serve you better, and we thank you in advance for understanding.

Scheduling:  One of the ways we have been working hard to improve our service is by optimizing our routes to get all of your neighbors on the same schedule. This allows us to serve our clients more efficiently, and also reduce the number of visits to each neighborhood every month. That will keep your neighborhood looking more tidy, and allow us to help more of your neighbors. We plan to service each area once every four weeks.  Therefore, when a service needs to be rescheduled, it is likely that the next availability will be four weeks out.

Transition Out of Prepay Plans:  We want to give our customers the most flexibility and ease to change service plans as needed. We also want to be able to honor and adjust to customer reschedule requests, and inclement weather more dynamically. To do this, we will be phasing out our prepaid plans in 2022. All customers that are currently on a prepaid plan will remain on the same plan until their prepaid credit has been exhausted. At that time, they will roll off the prepaid plan into the same frequency 'pay as you go' plan. As always, we only charge the customer after each service has been completed, and send an invoice/receipt via email that day. We will request that payment info be entered into the secure client portal to expedite automatic payment after each service. As a reminder, customers always have the ability to reschedule, change plans, pause or adjust service at any time.  

Price Adjustment:  As with many things recently, we have experienced an increase in operating expenses due to fuel, labor and insurance costs. As a result, we will be making a modest 10% price increase to some of our plans over the course of 2022 to continue to be able to bring you the best service possible. We hope you will still find incredible value in our very affordable curbside service. Our promise to you is that you will be locked into your current rate for at least 1 year of service from the time you signed up for a prepay plan or a pay as you go plan, or renewed a prepaid plan. After this time period, you will see a transition to all 'pay as you go' plans, and rates for some plans increase by roughly 10%. 

  • Monthly Service will not change, still $25/visit

  • Bi-Monthly Service will increase from $30 to $33/visit

  • Quarterly Service will increase from $35 to $39/visit

  • One Time Visit will increase from $59 to $69

No Bins Available Fee:  We pride ourselves on our communication, especially leading up to a service visit.  We feel that communication has to be a two way street. All customers receive several email and/or text message notifications prior to service that include a link to reschedule. If we do not receive any notice from the client in advance via the link provided, text message, email or phone, and show up to the client's house to find bins that are not available to be cleaned, the client may be subject to a $15 fee to cover our time and fuel to make the trip. This would include no bins outside, or bins full of trash/recyclables. This would not include an error by the trash/recycle hauler - if they fail to pick up on scheduled day, then no fee applies to the client to reschedule. Please communicate back to us and keep us informed to avoid a No Bins Available fee. 

Winter Weather Policy:  With winter weather upon us, we want to make sure that you know what to expect from Bin Scrub. Safety is our first priority, and we will take the necessary steps to protect our customers, our employees, and our equipment. At times that will include cancelling appointments due to inclement weather conditions. We will do our best to reschedule you ASAP, but sometimes that may not be possible, and you may have to wait until your next scheduled cleaning visit if you are a subscription client. At times we may not be able to fully clean the exterior of the bin due to excess water overspray. We will still clean the dirtiest part, the inside, and collect that wastewater on our truck. If your appointment has to be cancelled or rescheduled, please remember that our company policy is that you will not be charged unless service has been completed. In the event of a cancellation due to weather, you will be notified via email and/or text message.  If we are able to reschedule your service, you will also be notified via email/text. We appreciate your understanding during the unpredictable winter season.

We truly thank you for your business, and look forward to maintaining your bins!

Reach out any time, 

Bin Scrub, LLC

8425 Zionsville Rd.

Indianapolis, IN 46268

Phone: 317-798-0000

Feel free to review all Policies, Terms and Conditions HERE.

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